My name is Petra Storrs, I’m a London based set designer/prop stylist and costume designer. I love MOCO LOCO would love to have some of my work featured on it and/or work on a commissioned editorial project.

Would you be able to pass this on to the relevant person?

I would like to submit “Camellia & the Rabbit” for your consideration, a collaboration with performer and theatre maker by Rachel Snider. 

The show is a series of biographical stories that feature tea as a central motif/metaphor and that also have the capacity to enter the audience’s personal memories. These tea stories (like sea shanties) are also interwoven with historical facts and stories of tea. For example the introduction of the British Afternoon Tea Ritual and the invention of the tea bag.We designed and made the costume and props to correspond to each of the tea stories, these include tea strainer armour and tea bag rabbit ears. Everything has been designed and made from scratch, from designing and printing the fabric to working with an Armorer who hand beat the steel costume. Each prop is employed as a physical and metaphysical presence in order to juxtapose and interpose it’s materiality within the stories. The performance ends with Rachel turning herself into a human cup of tea. 

Performed by Rachel Snider. 
Props designed and made by Petra Storrs, 
Design Assistant Tash Dean, 
Photographs by Becky Palmer, 
Makeup by Monica Storrs, 

If you would like to see more please visit my website: 



Thank you 

Petra Storrs