These table are cut from a solid block of marble (respectively). And both represent an opposing take of our daily perception of marble. The blocks used to make these tables are renmants of larger orders and would otherwise be used to create mosaic or other small scale tiles which do not really exhibit the qualities of this eternal material.


Showcasing marble as a three dimensional piece rather than just a finishing surface (kitchen counter, table top, flooring etc). Cut from a single piece, essentially left with a flat top organically flowing to a Y – shaped base, revealing the stone’s veins from the exterior surface through to it’s core.


Commonly (and rightfully) perceived as heavy and inflexible Folio turns this notion of marble on it’s head – a solid block, as thin as paper. Slim 10mm silhouette running along the edge of this dynamic table.

Folio and Carv are two new tables designed by Daniel Fintziand produced by Formar

Studio photos: Giuseppe Ciaola

On-site photos: Anne Sophie Heist