Jon Leung - CCTV#III (installed in Fo Tan, Hong Kong) - 1
Jon Leung - CCTV#III (installed in Fo Tan, Hong Kong) - 2

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I work with Jon Leung, a visual artist based in Antwerp (BE) and Hong Kong. Leung built a series of provocative and ironic sculptures that are based on the famous CCTV (China Central Television Headquarters) building in Beijing which was completed this month.

The artist says: “Deliberately abstracting the form and changing its function, the sculptures serve as a contemporary shrine to worship the new Chinese Post-Capitalistic religion. Mixing traditional Chinese religious elements (incense) with Postmodern realism, the CCTV-series is a celebration of both the good and the bad of what China currently represents.”

Leung’s CCTV sculptures have been shown in art spaces such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, as well as in the public space of Hong Kong.

I attached two images, you can find more information about the CCTV series here:

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