The Centerpiece table chandelier was created to capture the feeling of candles and flowers often used in social gatherings such as weddings. We wanted to reduce the large amount of wasted flowers from those one day events, replacing them with a beautiful portable lighting which can decorate their dining table, garden, or any other space. The shape reminds of flower petals around a candle like central light bar; Users can choose between different petal patterns to create a new mood for each event or just to create the right atmosphere for their home.

Petals are thin and convenient to store and reuse again at a later time. New designs will be updated regularly and sold separately. Centerpiece lights up for more than 6 hours per charge.

Product Details
Colors/ White body with several Petals options
Materials/ ABS, PC and PET plastic
Dimension/ 32cm tall, 23cm diameter
Specs/ Li-on battery, micro usb cable charger

Centerpiece can be used continuously while connected to the wall or unplugged to move freely within the home. Each charge will last approximately 7 hours, enough for an entire evening together.

Retail price £164 (includes one Petals set of choice).
Additional Petals £29/set

Designed and produced by BONNSU
Made in Taiwan