This project combines jewellery with a seat.
in use
web of pearls

The concept of the chair woman comes from the idea that the furniture is the jewellery of the body.

This project combines jewellery with a seat. It was very Important that the final product had a strong female charisma and the combined materials had the properties characteristics of a woman.

The surface of the chair is a web of pearls that is hung on a frame of steel.

The beading has a longstanding tradition and was newly interpreted in the Chair Woman. This technique enables a totally new feeling in the use of the chair. This is a piece of furniture that looks fragile and stable at the same time. If anybody sees it, they would have will to sit on it immediately.

The chair is painted black. Black was a very important colour because it emphasizes the shape and give us the feeling, as if there was a drawn figure standing infront of us.

The chair is very appealing, eye-catching because of the aesthetic appearance and the comfortable shape of seat surface to relax on.