Hero view

A time reminder.

We are at a time where we are constantly carrying and using connected digital devices such as smartphones and tablets, which display and measure time in an accurate way.

As a matter of fact, how often do we still really look at our wristwatch to check the time?

I wanted to create a watch which offers a way to express one’s personnality and serve as a status symbol with a crafted and premium look and feel, like a traditional mechanical timepiece. However, I designed the watch to be more like a complementary timekeeping tool to our digital devices, featuring a true minimal aesthetic without any complex visible mechanisms or decorative elements.

This watch is less of a measuring instrument and more of a moving sculpture suggesting the time thanks to two solid turning disks with a brushed matte texture on which the hands are embossed and emphasized by a contrasting polished finish.

I have designed the disks using concave surfaces to prevent friction between them and our clothes. The strap is made of a soft touch high quality rubber and features a simple clasp fastening system like the one often used on hospital and events wrist bands. On one side of the strap an embossed dot is showing 12 am/pm, indicating how to position the watch on the wrist.

Finally, to emphasize the simple and minimal character of the watch, I decided not to have the usual visible control dial on the side of the case but instead to have a control mechanism underneath, which can be activated using a coin or any kind of object with the same thickness.