Installation to top connection
Workshop fabrication – 8 metre atrium span
Atrium View
Workshop fabrication – atrium full scale pre-build
Fascia connection detail
Atrium knuckle and Blade Wall view - Photo Jérôme Epaillard
Entry lobby view - Photo Jérôme Epaillard
Atrium view from link corridor - Photo Jérôme Epaillard
Rotation angle logic
Entry Lobby and fascia Detail - Photo Jérôme Epaillard

Is a site specific sculpture by Australian artist Chris Fox for Global Switch, Paris. It was produced during 2010-2011 between Sydney, London and Paris. This has been an ambitious project, two years in the making and utilising 370 metres of steel, realised thanks to intelligent modelling software and advanced fabrication techniques.

The work offers various points of interest which could be expanded upon by a writer: the nature of large-scale collaborations between artists and architects and their recent proliferation, the growing importance of data-storage facilities and why they capture fascination of artists, new fabrication technologies in art particularly in the realm of steel.