The story:

Cookie Killer is a serial killer that, like many serial killers, is obsessed with female beauty. He fascinates intimate body parts and then bakes tasty cakes, cookies and bars from them. His pattern is created on hair color of his victims: brown-headed, blond or redheaded. By the specific color of a girl he kills, he bakes delicious cake. If it is brunette – chocolate, blonde – lime, ginger – strawberry.

In addition, there is a cookbook with recipes about his special baking with collages of perfect victims.

The concept:

The photos have hidden visual idea of female intimate body parts like genitals and breasts that instinctively attract and scare males at the same time. The images express hatred, passion, distraction, hunger, disgust, attractiveness and worship towards female beauty and power. A male wants to control and taste female and this way he shows his supremacy.

After I finished my project, I asked male and female auditory, what they see without telling the concept. Most of females told, they see delicious cookie when males claimed they see blood and dead bodies.
The question I wanted to explore in my project is why modern auditory enjoys visual idea of suffering, blood and murder. Why does this strange curiosity, which comes from popular films and literature, attracts the viewer so much and what stands behind this obsession with killing and victims with sexual context.