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Cooltower Candles “A beautiful meltdown “

The Coolingtower candles are created out of an interview with the Japanese television two months ago. During this broadcast my final exam project of last year came to bid. ” Critical Blocks” a series beech wood blocks in the shape of a Mega Farm, Apartment Block and Nuclear Power Plant. In particular, the nuclear power plant came up because in Japan it’s a very sensitive and very current subject in the news. They loved the contrast, the hardness and inaccessibility against the stylised, friendly formal idiom of beech “toy” blocks. It’s because of my block that it became a much lighter subject to talk about, more accessible and led to admiration and to some even a smile.

For me as a designer it’s about making the hard social/political debates more lighter to talk about. The essential points for me are the scaling, shape language, color and material. The contrast this creates, is what amazes me.
With all the fuss that still plays around Nuclear power plants worldwide, many people still associate this with danger and misery. The most recognizable and thus probably also the most controversial are the cooling towers of nuclear power plants. As a designer this puts me thinking. Why? The mass, the color? Purely looking at the design, apart from the whole plant, I find a cooling tower just beautiful. Clearly in shape, sober in color and without trapping frills. In addition, pure on it’s own a cooling tower is so much more. the steam/ smoke gives it a more unique character and let the cooling tower life. This triggers me as a designer!

A statement by one of the Japanese interviewers “Imagine you’re having a nuclear power plant in your living room ” was decisive. Why not? The cooling tower is, separate from the mass, a beautiful object. By looking at it pure on it’s own, and daring to see its beauty (the steam / smoke), arose the idea of the Cool Tower Candles. A sober, functional, controversial and inaccessible object will suddenly become, through color choice and by bringing it in the interior, airy and wants to be seen.
The Contrast this creates is great. The plumes of smoke rising from a cooling tower that would suddenly be perceived as “cool,atmospheric and Attractively”. People are looking carefully and admiringly how the cooling tower quietly goes under. “A Beautifull Meltdown!”