Is a collection that proposes the merge between two traditional craftsmanship techniques in Mexico. Ceramics and metalworking had a transcending role for centuries in Mexicans’ lifestyle. Each Cosmografo has his own expressive gestures materialised as brass orbits and artefacts that surround them and gives to each piece a personality. Cosmografos are objects that appropriate the place they inhabit, from the body of each Cosmografo rises a group of brass orbits that extend to the surrounding in order to integrate different elements to their environment.

Since its origin, crafts and design have been under Mexico’s skin. We’re a country full of traditions, colors, customs and aromas, an exquisite cocktail of feelings and emotions. Our aim is to develop innovative pieces using the region’s artisan traditions and techniques. All our pieces are produced and executed in Mexico. Mestiz is an examination of the symbiotic collaboration between designer and craftsman, and also aims to bring back attention to traditional Mexican craftsmen work.