Tractor seat? Windsor chair? Japanesse/Nakashima style carved seats? The current champion by BassamFellows?

We think we have de-thoroned them all.

The Cruz tall stool is all about proper contour. We found that all of the above are stylized contours as opposed to an ergonomic study of how best to define the seating space of posteriors of all shapes and sizes. The dish shape created by the Cruz tall has a rather consistent contour which when half filled or totally filled by its user, child or adult, a cradling sensation is offered without “sides” of the seat creating pressure in unwanted locations. The universal contour is the key.

Cruz tall was created very specifically to define space with a minimalist structure. At a total of 9 pounds in Black Walnut, the seat blank has a pre-milled weight of 19 pounds and is reduced to 4 pounds post milling. Opposing angled stretchers front to back eliminate racking with very lightly proportioned dimensions.

Shown in 30″ height, Black Walnut, and matte Lacquer
(available in 27″ and 24″ height as well)