Stores wallets, cell phones, keys, sunglasses and more
Large diameter is collar-friendly
Mounted to wall at different heights for kids
Easily mounts to the wall with a single screw.  Designed and made in USA of recycled plastic

After 6 years and several design awards (Interior Design magazine and DWR), Cubby is finally available for pre-sale to the mass market.

Made in the USA with recycled plastic, Cubby is an innovative coat hook and storage unit that allows you to hang your coat and to keep items like cell phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses handy. Its large diameter won’t stretch out your collars and is big enough to securely hang purses and laptop bags. Cubby merges the nostalgia of a kindergarten cubby with a cool, modern form, putting a sophisticated adult spin on the kid classic.

They are great for entry-ways, mudrooms, pool rooms, garages, and kids’ rooms. A single Cubby looks and works great on the wall in an office or dorm room, while a group of them are perfect for the whole family. Parents and kids each have their own storage space, and Cubby can even be hung at different heights to accommodate the little ones.

Other convenient features include the natural amplification of sound from your phone when it rests inside (so you can hear it better when it rings) and the placement of to-be-mailed letters behind it as a reminder.