Cupiditas Table by Amarist
Perfect geometric equilibrium
Total control from your iPhone
Awaking your desire
Luxury Furniture
Create your atmosphere
Colors and Textures
Handcrafted with passion
Cupiditas Table by Amarist
Cupiditas essentia

The Cupiditas Table is a lush furniture piece created to awake emotions and define unique atmospheres through its exclusive materiality and avant-garde design.

Cupiditas, meaning desire in Latin, is the result of a perfect equilibrium between craftsmanship and contemporary art. With its pure lines and minimalist design perfectly blends art and functionality, sculpture and furniture.

Made out of Alabaster, a unique translucent stone, the Cupiditas Table can be illuminated from its core with LED RGB Wi-Fi technology and controlled through your Smartphone and Tablet device. This technology allows you to change the light color and intensity in order to create the desired atmosphere for your social events or your emotional status.

Our luxurious creation is targeted to a high demanding clientele in search for the most exclusive designs. Each piece is individually made and handed in with a gold platted badge with the client’s name engraved.