This past December we learned about BAGGU bags.

BAGGU bags are sustainable and designed to minimize material waste. They are assembled from one continuous piece of material, with the cut out portion used for its carrying pouch. The dye they select for their bags is fully absorbed by the material, which minimizes run off. Nylon is both a long-lasting and infinitely recyclable material, which helps reduce waste as well.

We created a run of 2000 BAGGU bags for Parsons The New School for Design, Office of Admission. The design is based on the foundational design principle of gradation. The lock-up consists of 9 logos, fully opaque at 100% Parsons.

To complement the bags we also came up with a series of folders.

Designer: Laura Scherling
Art Director: Ed Pusz
Design Production: Sung Baik
Project Manager: Leslie Zimmerman
BAGGU: Lily Benson

Photo art direction by Paula Giraldo
Photography by Michael Skinner

Project completed and delivered in the past few weeks.