Front View
Top View, Specifications
Top View, Random Pattern
Top View, Heart Pattern

Daisy Garden Rug is playful, interactive, and brings the outdoors in. Each rug is hand-woven with grass-like polyester threads that conceal a YKK® fastening system that allow each artificial flower, equipped with a snap button center, to be added/removed/arranged/rearranged in 84 different locations. Daisy Garden Rug mimics the appearance of nature; all the while celebrating the artificial. The perfect place to walk through (barefoot, of course), read a paperback or tablet (plugged in, or not) with unlimited coffee, or tea (isn’t the kitchen just around the corner?), or do a little floral rearrangement for fun. Gardening has never been so precise, and lawn maintenance has never been easier. 4″ daisies (x 25 pcs.) and 2.5″ daisies (x 25 pcs.) are included. Overall Dimension: 7.5′ x 5′.