A breakthrough development which for the first time  unites metal & cast stone in a tile less then 2mm (~1/16”) thick!
Large Pattern Selection Endless array of design & artistic possibilities  for architectural and decorative use
Large range of available colors
Various Sizes Available Up to 60x60cm (2ft. x 2ft.)
Bathroom With installed Decotal tiles
Pattern tiles
Tile existing walls and floors without any demolishing Reduce time and labor with a safe & quick installation

Rarely in the field of home/ public renovation comes a true innovation.
A breakthrough development, which for the first time unites metal & cast stone in a tile less then 2mm (~1/16”) thick!
A unique patent-pending process which utilizing advanced technologies, deep material research and meticulous handcraft,
produces a remarkable tile unlike ever seen before.

Each tile is made of EPC (Engineered Polymer Concrete), a highly durable warm feeling material, used for the first time in tiles,
which combined with a reflecting metal decoration, creates a luxurious contrasting effect.
Metal graphics are unlimited and can be custom ordered to any required shape opening the way for bespoke designs and art works.
The type of metal and plating used depends on application type, specific physical and aesthetic demands.
The current offer includes over 50 graphics/ patterns which can be used in sizes ranging from 200mm x 200mm up to 600mm x 600mm
in a square or rectangular forms.
Custom graphics/ patterns, tile sizes and stone colors are available on demand.

Thanks to their ultra-light weight and minimal thickness, Decotal tiles can be applied directly over existing tiles, eliminating the time and costs of removal.
Decotal tiles are perfect for overlaying existing surfaces with minimal disruption and do not require sealing or any expensive maintenance
other than regular cleaning with soap & water.

Decotal Tiles create a high visual impact in traditional tile applications such as floors and walls, and give life to new applications in bathrooms, kitchens and furniture.
Decotal tiles can be used to cover both indoor and outdoor surfaces, new and existing surfaces, in horizontal or vertical applications.

Decotal tiles offer a wide range of creative possibilities, including but not limited to:
• Ceiling panels.
• Creating unique bespoke furniture, from boardroom tables to reception counters and coffee tables.
• Beautiful, yet easy to clean & install kitchen backsplashes.
• Residential & commercial bathrooms.
• Hotel rooms.
• Hotel bathrooms.
• Commercial areas.
• Yachts, ships, planes, elevators; All situations requiring minimum weight tolerance.
• Renewal of spas with minimum inconvenience.
• Updating of walls of in retail venues.

Materials used in our tiles:

The standard metal used is 304/ 316 grade stainless steel.
Depending on the type application needed, it comes shiny, matte or brushed finish.
Metal plating options currently include: Gold up to 24K gold, Silver, Nickel, Chrome-nickel & blackened.
Other custom metal types available are Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Colored anodized aluminum & black anodized aluminum.
Cast stone is composed from EPC (Engineered Polymer Concrete), a highly durable warm feeling material, used for the first time in tiles and Combined with quartz and basalt.
EPC characteristics:
• Up to 3 times stronger than equivalent concrete surface.
• Outstanding durability and superb scratch resistance.
• Highly resistant to chemicals with anti-bacterial properties.
• Thermal and shock resistance. Excellent resistance to abrasion, impact and cracking.
• Seamless and impermeable. No need for sealers or any other additional protection systems.
• Highly resistant to UV light, weathering and temperatures up to 80°C .
• Color stable, can be installed outside, ideal for almost any environment.
• Anti-slip properties. Resistant to alkalies, acids, greases, oils, salts and other aggressive media.
• Easy maintenance, Easy to clean, hygienic.
• Bespoke installations and colors.
• Environmentally friendly.