Pejo and Earth Bowl
Pejo and Earth Bowl
Marína and Pejo
Earth Bowl with lid, detail
Earth Bowl with lid, upside down detail
Horse Head Bowl, detail

Delos is a limited collection of porcelain bowls and objects. Each unique original is embellished with gold, platinum, cobalt hand paintings and ceramic decals. This collection is my personal interpretation of the short story, “Dávno na Ostrove Delos” written in 1983 by Slovak artist and writer V.Havrilla. This collection consists of objects (lid with figures) and bowls. Each piece in the collection is slip-casted in plaster molds. Figural objects are individually finished by glaze, decor. There are no two identical pieces in this collection, with each figural piece marked by signature, author’s print-mark and number, in the order of production.