Denon Envaya bluetooth speaker by Feiz Design Studio
The envaya comes both in white and black color variations
The back view with the open footstand
3/4 view with blue fabric grill
Top view of product with controls
simple squeeze operation to open the kickstand
Front and back composition with blue fabric grill
design reference – the clothes peg
foam explorations

Denon Envaya Bluetooth Speaker by Feiz Design Studio

A premium Bluetooth speaker from the Hi-Fi Specialists at Denon, the Envaya is a highly compact, simple to use portable speaker system. A pure and functional design definition based on the premise of true portability, the design inspiration comes from the humble ‘clothes peg’, suggesting a stable structure defining the integrated foot element. A single-handed squeeze action releases an integral kick-stand with rubber footer, providing positioning and the optimal listening angle. The Envaya comes in Black or White and the detachable metallic speaker grill allows personalisation of the colour scheme.

Boasting best-in-class performance features, including the latest Bluetooth ‘CD quality wireless streaming technology’, NFC tap ‘pairing’, and extraordinary sound reproduction capabilities, far beyond its compact size.

Multi-point functionality enables up to three devices to pair simultaneously with the Envaya, to enable sharing music among friends; the speaker plays one audio stream at a time, switching to another one when the current user pauses their music, truly ‘social sharing’. The battery provides 10 hours of operation on a single charge, while the USB port allows the charging of your devices (smart phones or tablets) on the go.

Website: http://www.envaya.eu/
Video: http://youtu.be/tXpQ0RfrIfE