Aukán designs and manufacures sustainable products from disposable materials. We believe in design as the potential tool for innvation and responsible manufacturing, and as the motor for producing positive and creative environments.

We have three products:

*Desktop clock made from the reuse of plastic bottles. It’s a dynamic object which has its own personality features. Its spherical base allows it to be inclined, rotated or even wobbled! It’s a different way to take a look at the time being in constant motion.
As in the case of Punchi and Lume lights, the finishing touch of this clock consists of a frosted surface on the PET .
This desktop clock is available in different colors: red, blue, green or black.

*Lume is a lamp made out of the reuse of plastic soda bottles. It is designed as a dynamic product since it can be used as a table lamp or a pendant light. Its frosted surface produces shadows and light projections in its environment!

*Punchi is also out of reuse of plastic bottles. It has a counterweight on its bottom that produces a fun swinging movement, witch makes this product a playful, anti-stress lamp especially thought for children and fidgely people!