Deski - Main
Deski - Detail

The “Deski” is a four seated dining table as well as desk. It is designed for small homes, which can accommodate only one table and for performing all daily chores on.
The Desk is divided into four consoles, which are covered with removable surfaces. They can be used as a portable working surfaces which are attached to the system with magnets.
One can hide all the desk’s small items inside the consoles. Rubber parts are used for facilitating extension cords inside the consoles.
One can disassemble the “Deski” into easily portable parts with an allen key and wrench, because the desk is assembled mounting few ferrules.
The “Deski” is manufactured using “Effex” which is a by-product made from pinewood sawmill waste manufactured by Stora Enso. Pinewood grows widely spread in the finnish nature, but unfortunately it’s usage as a design material is decreasing. Using pinewood as design material, I’m increasing the products design value. It is also ecological to design modern furniture using local materials.