DiceForChange: three dice
DiceForChange: three dice in a box
DiceForChange: three dice closeup
DiceForChange: pile of dice
Product overview
Front of the box
Dice and Booklet
Cycle to work today and slow down today...

Many of us strive to be a better person. To take better care of ourselves, to be more kind to one another or to improve the world we live in. DiceForChange is a concept designed to help you start and act on what you care about. Simply roll the dice to introduce new routines into your life in a playful way and notice how even small and simple actions have a greater positive effect on life.

DiceForChange is a concept that aims to change people’s behaviour in a playful way. It consists of three dice: WellnessDice – for a daily dose of personal wellness, KindnessDice – for random acts of kindness and EcoDice – for ecological awareness.

DiceForChange is a concept by Creative Heroes, a creation studio in the Netherlands.