Caged diamond ring - gold steel
Caged diamond ring - silver steel
Diamond in a teardrop - gold steel
Global mining earrings - gold steel
Global mining bangle - silver steel
Global mining bangle - gold steel
Diamond explosion necklace - black steel
Diamond explosion necklace - gold steel
Caged diamond bangle - black steel
Caged diamond bangle - gold steel

Are diamonds your best friend? Why do we rely on them to feel empowered, richer and be socially accepted? Have we tied our worth to a god-like object and in the process become objectified?

Singaporean jewellery label Amado Gudek explores the nuances and conflicts in the heavily marketed world of diamonds in their latest collection, ‘Diemonds Fauxever’. Combining 3D printing technology and traditional methods in moulding and casting, the collection features structural 3D printed diamond rings that are made look to like they were frozen in ice, in time, forever..or perhaps, not.

The brand’s tongue-in-cheek voice is carried throughout the collection with pieces such as the “Diamond explosion necklace” – where a 3D printed ring, embedded within a bioresin trapeze-shape pendant, has no sign of the diamond in the prong as it has exploded into tiny fragments of itself. To further poke fun at the diamond-obsessed world, every piece is inscribed with humorous titles such as “Global mining” and “Caged diamond”.

All pieces are handcrafted in Singapore using environment-friendly bioresin and 3D printed stainless steel.