RECESSION DESIGN - DIY wheelbarrow chair
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RECESSION DESIGN: DIY Wheelbarrow chair
Recession Design keeps on his personal research on Do It Yourself design. The Wheelbarrow chair studies the simplest way to build a chair with few simple and common elements: a wheelbarrow tray, four wooden rods and some big nails. The only tools you need is a big hammer to fix your new brand chair in the terrain. Simple, easy and… healthy. You just have to choose the right place and start building it.
The wheelbarrow chair is a chair that can be easily repeated from everybody around the world: basic instructions, some simple elements easy to find everywhere and a single tool to assemble all… Everybody can build it in his ‘special place’ and leave it there to contemplate nature and share his experience with other people. A crowdsourcing project to construct thousands of landscape-chair around the world!