Doors to My Past- White Oak, Mahogany, Ash 108H x 198"W x 2 1/4"D fully opened
Configured as doors with its own room which allows the viewer to enter the sculpture
All of the panels are fully hinges so the composition can have endless variation
View from the back through the open panels
Frontal view of the two doors
Detail shot of the doors panels

This piece was inspired by all of the magnificent doors that I had the privilege to see while traveling in Europe with my family. I was looking for a new means of expressing my unusual approach to woodworking and design and my mind began to wander to my memory of those doors. The subject offered an opportunity to further develop my asymmetrical style by allowing the rails, styles and panels to explode as a composition within a composition. The final hurdle was figuring out a way to present the piece. I decided to continue some of the lines from the panel work and fabricate an open series of panels that would allow the pice to function as if it had its own room. The piece can be configured in numerous configurations depending upon the environment.