Hi Moco Loco,

I am a big fan and I’ve enjoyed watching your page develop over the past couple of years and would like to pass along a story that could be a great fit for your readers. It may even be cool to highlight this in your Design posts, but most importantly we want to see what you think. The project is called DropCatch, it’s a magnetic bottle opener [http://bit.ly/dropcatch].

We launched DropCatch the morning of 6/4 and in one day alone stirred up over 450 Facebook interactions (w/ 120+ shares), 12,000 Imgur album views, 1,900 video plays (70% completion rate), and hundreds of mentions on Twitter. Several content sites have picked up the story – garnering site engagement and traffic to their pages. We think DropCatch would be the perfect fit for Moco Loco and could be a valuable piece for your readership.

We would be more than happy to display your name at the top of our Kickstarter page and supply any assets you may need. Let us know what you think, looking forward to hearing from you.

Joe & Kent

Here is our link again for reference: [http://bit.ly/dropcatch]