e-QBO - concett and design by Romolo Stanco in S.Fedele square
e-QBO - the streetart work by V3rbo
e-QBO - from Palazzo Marino
e-QBO - from the ground
e-QBO - the streetart work by V3rbo
e-QBO - the videomapping work by V3rbo

Piazza San Fedele, Milan
April 17th – May 5th

Piazza San Fedele hosts in Milano, from April 17th to May 5th, the first off-grid island, thought to start a dialogue and a concrete comparison on the subjects of smart cities.
An independent installation but at the same time integrated in the city, able to offer concrete services and stimulus for reflection.

Is a concept conceived and designed by Romolo Stanco with the scientific supervision of RSE – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico
streetart work & videomapping performance by V3rbo

e-QBO is a functional and metaphorical installation, an off-grid urban island, autonomous and connected at the same time.
An example of how new functional and formal elemento will be able to change the cities in the coming future.
A photovoltaic accumulator designed in a pure form, able to create a dialogue with the historical buildings of the city.
A contemporary out of scale architecture, thrown, as a die, in the middle of the city centre.
A luminous design object that uses LED light to re-design an historical plaza.
An element integrated with the urban culture thanks to the streetart made by V3rbo.
An experiential box, containing an artistic videomapping.
An object able to give back the energy accumulated from renewable sources and stored in brand new batteries (60kWh).
A lighting hub, a charging hub for electrical and electronic devices.
A free wi-fi hotspot 24h/24.

e-QBO is the manifesto project of SD4SC, code of “smart design 4 smart cities”: the starting point of a path that will allow the organizer to present, in a year time, the activities of designer and researchers that will work on the future “smart” cities, imagining, projecting, developing and testing new functional elements for a urban organism adaptable to the mutating contemporary lifestyles.

SD4SC, the team:
general coordinator Erica Marson
scientific manager Stefano Besseghini
creative direction Romolo Stanco
with: Diego Chilò, Pierluigi Molteni, Giancarlo Tintori, V3rbo, ZO_Loft

Follow the live blog: SD4SC.com

With the patronage of the City of Milan
in partnership with :
GSE – gestore servizi energetici
Aliavis – renewable energies
System Photonics – photovoltaic panels
SMA Solar Technology – sunny island and photolvaic inverters
FIAMM SoNick – zero impact accumulators
Rigeneriamoci – regeneratic information technology
Adreani – plastic matters
Corà – timber and derivated products
Alias – security doors


Communication and sponsorship
Erica Marson +39.347.4840182 – erica.marson@ottagono.com
Maurizio Trezzi +39.347.9738060 – trezzimaurizio@gmail.com

Project development
SmarritaCamilla Architectural Workshop +39.0523.305283 – romolostanco@gmail.com

Technological development and project management
Luigi Mazzocchi +39.02.39924789 – luigi.mazzocchi@rse-web.it
Luca Rota +39.334.9839444 – lucarota@nudelab.it