Beyond the soft lightness it was also important to achieve a sense of structure.  The form contains a mixture of solid wood and luaun plywood or wiggle board.  These materials combine to create the main planer elements of the table: the top and two base legs.  Even though the base consists of two simple planar elements, one leg contains a soft bend that adds another dimension of depth and stability.  The result is a solid foundation that varies from all degrees of view.
The concept of softness allowed the opportunity for alternative surface finishing. This thought lead to the experimentation of different color pigment mixtures.  The result was a quarter inch layer of colored polyester resin sanded to a matte smooth finish.  When pouring the resin, it was allowed to fill into the planar leg joints under the table, to further reinforce and add strength.  Because of the nature of the pour, the top created a subtle marble effect that adds another layer and depth to the surface.

The goal was to create a furniture object that provides a feeling of space. To attain a certain quality of lightness that emotes a soft approachability which kindly invites the user towards it’s use: as a low table as well as a platform or bench. It becomes an area of rest that promotes an atmosphere of Ease.