2 way loudspeaker
2 way loudspeaker
Fillet of edges.
Five layer veneer, laser cut inset for hand made logo.

Most people have two kinds of attitude to traditional speaker enclosures: a part of them learn to live with the very often bulky boxes exposed in their living room, the rest make efforts to hide them as if they were objects of shame.

These reasons led us to design our loudspeakers in different way, in every details. We design speakers according to the future interior of them.

Every loudspeakers body are hand made. The EI40 Loudspeakers hat and base veneered with carefully picked walnut. 5 Layers of veneer let us fillet the edges.

In this case the logo was created by jeweller, Elod Halasz, who hide the onyx in each hand crafted stainless stell logos.

We are never concerned about sound quality. Shape has no influence on the perfection of sound reproduction. Sound has only one job,to reach us in best quality. To reach this, we use microphones to measure each drivers, and also overall sound, when they are built in. We just dont stop, until frequency response appears to be a straight horizontal line, as it should be.

photo courtesy Marton Visontay