elast-ic including objects, storage wall
total view elast-ic
detail of the material
elast-ic, room divider
detail, storage wall
detail, elastic shapes around object
detail, elast-ic consists of metal beam(s), which contains holes for connecting hooks, these hooks are attached to the elastic straps
detail, elastic strips are attached by connecting the loops to metal hooks
detail, front view
walking through room divider


Elise Oussoren started her project from the interest in making a gradient in a fixed shape. During the process she focused on the material that is in control of gradient and shape.
Elast-ic is a division wall of elastic. How ‘full of stretch’ can a closet be. Ultimate simplicity with infinite possibilities. A designed web that forces you to doubt, to combine, to experiment and never let go. The design consists of two materials, elastic and metal.
The model consists of metal beam (s), which contains holes for connecting hooks. At this beam elastic strips are attached by connecting the loops to metal hooks. The elastic straps and metal hooks can be attached to each other so that a web will be created. The user itself creates forms within this web by placing or replacing the connection hooks. The connection hooks of the interconnections are the same as the elastic connection with the metal beam. The total size and execution of design can be suited to any client to fit in well by type, quality, length and width. The design can be used for several purposes such as a room divider, decorative wall or storage wall.