eleoNora dining table  •  40 W  x  96  L  inches  •  steel top with sugar maple center detail  • steel base welded & cut by hand
eleoNora coffee table  •  32 w x 52 l x 15 h. inches  •  steel top with drift wood center detail  • steel base welded & cut by hand
purple velvet • 47 L x 30 W x 13 H • reclaimed antique pine & cast iron vintage bathtub legs

“eleoNora Dining table” is made of two plates of hot rolled steel devided by 5 inch wide board of Sugar Maple. The base is made of cold rolled steel, 5 inch wide pieces by 1/2 thick. Welded by hand.

“eleoNora Coffee Table” is made of 14 flat bars of cold rolled steel with a piece of drift wood from the East River found underneath the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The base is cold rolled steel. All hand made.

“Purple Velevet” is made of former support beams of antique pine with vintage cast-iron bathtub legs. It has a center piece done in purple velvet which can come off and replaced by other colors or patterned textile.