Stub Sketches
Tube Sketches

The new stoves Tube (pellet) and Stub (wood), designed by Emo design for MCZ have been presented at Progetto Fuoco 2012 in Verona.
Tube and Stub rise from the strong relationship between Emo’s design vision and MCZ technological expertise.
The pellet stove Tube, characterized by no fancies and geometric essentiality aims to the market of Nordic wood stoves where simplicity is a must. Balanced proportions combined with the reduced diameter (only 52 cm) give a contemporary appeal to this product that reminds mood and style of the wood stove world.
In few words, this is the first pellet stove fully hiding his technological complexity!
Tube introduces a familiar and versatile style, thought to satisfy the final user that will have the opportunity to experiment new interior design solutions, optimizing spaces and introducing a new colour as the bronze obtained from a special paint. This stove approaches the minimalist design ideals by hiding the air vent, one of the most visible and visually intrusive technical part of pellet stoves, replacing them with a tiny slit that runs along its circumference between the machine body and the conical aluminium top.
Stub, as well, fosters the Nordic character but with a touch of Made in Italy that shines through thanks to materials choice and care for details. With this stove, MCZ enters for the first time in the market of wood stove with heat storing, stoves equipped with a mass situated on the top that accumulates heat and releases it gradually boosting heating performances and reducing the consumption of energy.
The small size, the balanced shape and the wide window contribute to give a strong character to Stub that proudly exhibits the fire through minimalist ideals. Last but not least, to enrich Stub’s purity a patented push & pull system has been developed for the knob that controls the fire air intake. In this way when not used the knob stays hidden and aligned to the outer surface giving the stove an amazing feeling of pureness and simplicity.
Emo’s projects are the fruitful outcome of sophisticated market researches and great analysis to consumer’s needs and taste trends.
All this to say that a successful stove is not created in a night!