Combined tiles for patchwork shower
Custom made tiles designed by architect
Mid-century design in Bar/ Restaurant
Modern farmhouse kitchen with Traditional encaustic tiles design
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Encaustic tiles, Victorian, Vintage, Moroccan, Spanish and Cuban tiles. Reproduction of Antique patterns and midcentury to modern patterns, all tiles are custom made, clients can choose colors on existing patterns, and also create their own patters, because we are manufacturers.
These tiles are the original encaustic tiles. They are not copies. They are made with mineral dyes mostly of iron oxides, cobalt, chromium, magnesium and titanium, which allows the colours to remain for much longer than that of a tiles pigmented with modern day chemical dyes, and are completely free of Asbestos and lead. They are also made of portland cement and first class river sand. They are sun dried and this allows us to not release any kind of fumes or CO2. We try to stay as environmentally friendly as possible. ( a part from the cement which is necessary)