Whether you live in Delhi or not, whether you’re a working individual or a student or even a person who loves the cafe culture or… just interested good food that tantalizes taste buds, you must have heard of Delhi’s best hangout area up North, in GTB Nagar. That’s right we’re talking about Hudson Lane! Lined up with themed cafes by the dozen and delicious food which doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket, this space never fails to pleasantly surprise in terms making your day by both food and an overall relaxed ambiance. There’s a number of cafes here, each unique in its own right, but they are, at the end of the day, cafes. What if you were looking for something that’s more.. mature and elegant… yet something that revitalizes the senses, breaks the monotony in a subtle, artistic manner. Chromed Studio has heard your plea, together with Gaurav and Varun Bansal (EDIT: brothers?) have conceptualized an idea where you can have the fun bubbly experience of a cafe while being able to retire to a space of more refined tastes, almost with a club-like ambiance without having to get into your car and traveling to another location. Now, you must be inquisitive to know the name of the place which offers you the best of both worlds. It’s Epic. Yes, owing to the fantastic idea, the place is also called, EPIC. The Epic bar and kitchen, Fullstop cafe. Just as its name suggests, it is the Full-stop to your search for a place with something more than the usual.. an x-factor.