es.sensual - photograph by Melina Mulas
es.sensual - photograph by Arturo Delle Donne

Radiance with the es.sensual designer touch

This gem from deepdesign promises a Valentine’s Day full of rich hues and fragrant essences

Milan, 31th January – es.sensual is a neat little pendant worn in a variety of colours to suit the wearer’s mood and attire. The diffuser wafts the chosen fragrance or natural essence: a drop or two of eucalyptus, maybe, to ease cold symptoms? Or go for it with droplets of energizing orange!

No aspect of the design slipped the attention of Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti, who founded the Italian-based deepdesign studio. Theirs is the idea, theirs the choice of materials and packaging. es.sensual gleams in the non-allergenic steel selected for the pendant and necklace. The interchangeable pure-wool pads come in nine colours to cover every occasion. Behind the pendant case lies a unique feature: the perforated back allows body heat to diffuse the scent or essence of the moment.

This desirable jewelry item is on sale in the bookshops at the MoMA in New York and Tokyo, at the MAKK in Cologne and at the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon. It’s also available from the independent design store TO.LAB and from Milan’s flagship fragrance shop, Profumo.

The packaging is minimal and slimline (a CD case). es.sensual is self-produced by deepdesign and also available from the online shop at www.deepdesign.it, price €49/$66.