Have you ever wondered what Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” or Mozart’s “Requiem” smell like? “Essence in Space” is a project designed to provide an answer to this question. The project attempts to harmonize the synesthetic connection between the perfume industry’s ‘Fragrance Classification’ chart and the ‘Musical Order’.

Specifically, “Essence in Space” is realized through an adapted keyboard that transforms sound and fragrance into a unique perfume. Each key is mechanically linked to a type of fragrance, located below the keyboard. As each key is pressed, another part is lifted up and, in so doing, air is then released into a tube. Once the air enters the tube, the lower section of the instrument releases a droplet of perfume. This droplet of perfume is then collected in a bottle. This process continues as each key is struck, thereby creating a mixture of different perfume droplets in the bottle. At the end of the ‘performance’, a unique blend of perfume droplets has been created. We can call this a ‘Symphonic Perfume’. (Most perfumes consist of one or more of scented notes)

The invention has several features that are worthy of note. Firstly, it can be considered a device that captures an essence of what may be termed a ‘mystic identity’. This mystic identity is produced through the transformation of sound and scent. As a form of alchemy, it speaks of the various transformative processes that all matter and form undergo.

Secondly, I believe this device is the first of its kind and, therefore, can be considered a type of ‘mother product’, capable of giving birth to a range of ideas in a range of different industries such as perfume, education, advertisements, musical instruments, sound and so on. Should it inspire future innovation, then the design will surely have achieved its purpose.