Bravo / Coffee table, oak wood
Silk / Mid table, Walnut wood
Gogo Light/ Table lamp, Walnut wood
Linn / Floor Light, Walnut wood, Copper

Nature created passion, and we relayed the message using the flawless and almighty tree. Reaching from the underworld high to the skies, trees are the only living things existing simultaneously and equally in the two realms. (Only passion can give life this idea.) We have made this attribute palpable.

FLAT is a contemporary design brand based in Istanbul.

The ethic of aesthetics

The principle of ecological design is to meet human needs while respecting the nature. Our aim is to develop life-enhancing designs in order to ensure an eco-friendly future. Our products are made of 100% natural and recycled materials. We only use dead and fallen trees. Recycling represents a mean of establishing truly unique and exclusive objects.

Flat products are all handcrafted.