Double Abstract - single or double, entry or interior, corporate conference room or sophisticated residence.
Entry with Lights - Often referred to as the "Handsome One".
Door Africa - influence from Southern Africa incorporating the beauty of the earth into a functional art piece.
Going Dutch -  aesthetic versatility.
Rattan Rocker - veneers, textiles, materials - there should be no limits.
Cabinet with Curves - the sensual approach to cabinet design.
Tropical Blend - Enhance the mood with kitchen cabinet doors that visually speak to you.
Rainbow - light, bright, fun , energetic - imagine working in this space?
Custom Photo Gallery - The latest in photo albums.
The elegant Solution - An accent that says it all.

Out of the ordinary hand-crafted designs with influences from Africa and Asia. Unique treatments of door faces for kitchens and bathrooms and units. Each piece is a visual composition enhancing the habitat surrounding it.