I am Emina Huskic, graphic designer from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
I have gradueted on Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo with “experimental design work”- DARK SIDE OF THE BODY.
It is a work with duality. With two sides. Dark and light side.
It is a photography that becomes a poster when the light (beneath) in the light box turns on. When dark becomes light it scares us! The light sides are becoming scary ones!
I have took ten diseases that you can die or have serious affects for life if you find them too late. And they all have symptoms that you can feel when you have regular headake, stomachake or just an ordinary flu…
Ten models. Five masculinum and five femininum. The photographies looks like a sexy shoot of young, healty, sexy, naked people. And it has been seen like that for thousand times. But, the crucial part is in light!!!!!
When the light in the lightboxes turns on you can see way of disease influence in body. It is something that can affect on any of us. And we still can think that we are pretty, nice, freash, healthy and that something like that can happen only to some others. Not to us! It is about rasing awerness for going to doctors when you have some pain and you can not get rid of it anyhow. It is about listenig to your body. Listenig to signs that body is giving you.
The light in the lightboxes is in green and blue shades, because on that way I wanted to have an extra effect of sickness and stylized x-ray on my work.
I took the form of THE INVISIBLE DESIGN as my individual mithology. Design can be seen only when the light comes out. When it is dark it is just a photography.
With the hand perforation of photography I have made an effect of lighten dots which makes Invisible design’s posters.
Typography is also hand perfored and it shows when all other light dots got shown. It has been written on Latins, becouse Latin is universal language of Medicine. And with that, the work and the content is recognizable in all world. On that way it has medical and visual way (code) of reading posters.
Mesures of photography/poster is 100 x 70 cm. Lightbox: 110 x 80 x 15 cm.