Artist and designer Hongtao Zhou conducted a bamboo design experiment to create Explosive Bamboo from one piece of bamboo pole. The project explored the possibilities of combining one single bamboo pipe’s fiber with advanced traditional Chinese bamboo waving techniques to push the level of modern design and craft. Opening the fibers of one piece of bamboo was experimented upon and used to recreate spatial and structural components that can be contained and explore the material potential of bamboo. The installation used the unique bamboo fiber to examine, split, restructure, and reconnect the bamboo fibers with itself, other structures, and interact with lighting and the unique environmental setting. The woodwork gives an interesting and physical exploration of the material in design and art expression. The projects are currently installed at the Longgang Museum in Shenzhen, Design Shanghai Xintiandi and College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University of China to express the forms made by the design industry and local culture, as well as the bamboo craft advancement that has been lost by the young in China. The installation hopes to generate dialogue between traditional bamboo craftsmen and the modern product designer, including the new generation of consumers to discuss the traditional craftsmanship and potential for implementation in modern design, with bamboo, one of the most sustainable and renewable materials.