Beeswax Candle Prototype from Makers Dozen Collaborate
Corian Deskware from Makers Dozen Collaborate
Invent-ory from Makers Dozen Collaborate
Replica Exhibition Space from Makers Dozen

Makers Dozen Collaborate presents innovative and exciting work spanning prototype product design, craft and fine art. Each piece of work or presentation is the result of creating unusual interpersonal and interdisciplinary conditions for shared creative projects to unfold. Twenty four creatives in total have been asked to combine their ideas, many for the very first time.

Manchester Craft & Design Centre hosts an exhibition that explores the complexity, joy, frustration and creative productivity to be found in the art of their collaborations, open now until Sat 13 September 2014.

Consisting of six core Manchester-based makers who met whilst studying at Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, and six invited guest artists, Makers Dozen have forged friendships based largely on a mutual curiosity and compulsion to broaden their creative journeys by inviting radical collaborations to occur. This exhibition is the culmination of collaborative exchange between the twelve makers and each of their creative partners.

This year’s invited guest makers were selected for their non-traditional approaches to making. Amongst the collaborations are Negus & Negus, a father-daughter combination – artists Dominic and Laura Negus – who have experienced “unanticipated challenges and triumphs” whilst exploring their joint enthusiasm for making. The granddaughter and son of Dick Negus, a renowned designer responsible for the branding of British Airways, the National Theatre and the Royal Opera House, theirs is an innate and uncompromising creative force that required the mediation of another family member to reach a conclusion.

A second pairing is Laura Jane Atkinson and Hildegard Skowasch, who have collaborated between the United Kingdom and Germany by post. Sending each other the remnant of work they would otherwise have thrown away, both explored the notion of value and thought around the logistical issues of creating work together as part of an ongoing, creative dialogue with each other. Their single sculptural installation has been “generated through consequential cross-intervention” over the course of their distant, yet increasingly organic, collaboration.

Eleanor Simms, Manchester-based maker, jeweller and member of the Dozen says:

“Makers Dozen is a platform for promoting craft and design in Manchester and the North West. Our aim is to make craft and design accessible and to engage the public with the varied spectrums of making… Makers Dozen provides a platform for designers to bounce ideas off each other, learn new skills, and gain much needed exposure.”

Kaylee Jenkinson, Exhibitions & Events Officer at MCDC, says:

“Makers Dozen are a group of highly talented and ambitious designers, makers and artists. Through setting a central theme and brief of “Collaboration”, the twelve makers have explored questions around working together, working alone and overall the trials and triumphs of collaborative working. This exhibition shows just how widely this word can be interpreted through different materials and processes, and we’re delighted to collaborate with such talented and fresh new artists.”

Makers Dozen are:
Joe Hartley, Eleanor Simms, Vinny Ratcliff, Rory Thompson, Laura Negus, Jessica Swallow, Jake Campbell, Rachel Britch, Gemma May Latham, April Wernham, Fliss Quick, Laura-Jane Atkinson.