Fable Mantle Clock by Gilbert13
Fable Mantle Clock with presentation box
Fable Clock detail

A digitally crafted ornamental timepiece designed by Angela and Mark Gilbert from UK based design studio Gilbert13.

“Fable” is a sculptural mantle clock which displays the time in an engaging and captivating way. The classically shaped domed cage frames a tranquil scene, the rotating tree moves with every second gently swaying the swing as time passes by. The hour and minute hands rotate with the correct time passing through the viewing circles at the front.

See a video of Fable in action at http://youtu.be/6-9Dl_U9Vrs

Fable was designed in the UK, crafted by sculpting and forming using CAD modelling programs and cutting edge Haptic Technology which allow forms to be created in a similar way to a traditional artisan sculpting clay by hand. The 3D data has then been translated into reality, 3D printed in the Netherlands through a process known as Selective laser sintering (SLS) this is an additive manufacturing process which builds parts layer by layer using a laser to heat and fuse nylon powder.

The product developed from an interest in the beautifully crafted antiquities, curiosities and oddities from days gone by which have survived the passage of time. The pair wanted to translate the charm and character found in these products into a contemporary piece, which had merit as a sculptural and desirable art piece as well as a useful product capable of communicating data in a beautiful and inspiring way.

Each clock is made to order and supplied in a plywood box with a lead time of approximately 3 – 6 weeks.

Height: 230mm, Diameter: 138mm.

Also now available Fable Clock Small: Height: 180mm,Diameter: 104mm

Available to buy from www.gilbert13.co.uk

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