Friendly fire
Interior design is all about being innovative, exclusive, but most of all – functional and user friendly. Even when it comes to the warmth giving fire. However decorative and fashionable, fire has to be clean and convenient for the user. Following the latest trends in architecture and design, and being the world leader on the biofireplace market, Planika uses the most advanced technology to create highest quality, user friendly products. All of our bio fireplaces are easier, safer and cleaner to use than any other gas or wood fireplace.
But the real revolution was started by the latest and most exclusive product-Fire Line Automatic, first presented during Saloni Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. It is the first remote controlled long fire in the world, that does not require any hard connection and installation. It is addressed particularly to architects and interior designers, created so that it can actually fit into any space chosen by the client: installed into wall, positioned on the ground or suspended in any furnishing item. The line of fire for a single module is 1490mm. However, it’s possible to join several elements and operate them with a single remote control or with the Smart Home system. So now the user can enjoy the view of the dancing flames as soon as he enters the room, without even bothering about preparing wood or cleaning the ashtray. Only the architect’s imagination can set boundaries for the length and the final look of the fireplace. It can be extended endlessly-the minimum size of an interior is only 34m2 for a single module and the recommended Fanola fuel is completely non-toxic and odourless. But decorative aspects are not the only benefit! Fire Line Automatic is extremely safe, because the only combustion products are water vapour and CO2. It doesn’t demand any chimney, installation or ashtray. Not even a special written permission for an indoor use! Also, it is equipped with several security sensors, which inform of any inaccuracy: seismic activity, high concentration of CO2 or fuel overflow and then turn off the device in an instant. It is so easy to operate that the neither does the user have to be qualified to refill the fuel, nor does he have to be strong enough to carry heavy pieces of wood. So he doesn’t have to worry about anything at all!
Architects interested in using the device are welcome to send draft project to Planika’s experts, and the team will respond instantly with a suggestion of optimal solution. This makes FLA the most attractive and universal on the bio fireplace market, suitable for all kinds of interiors, commercial and private, traditional and modern. Obviously perfect for those simplicity lovers who do not wish to be bothered by complicated and time-consuming maintenance of their fireplace.
Charm your visitors with this unique decoration item!