sketches + ideageneration + cardboard prototyping
setting in forest
in setting with the designer
the designer bringing offers to the creatures of fire
montage of short legs model (Woods22)
set of firebaskets (short & long legs)
topview all elements
flatpack wallconfiguration

“FireWalkWithMe” is a Corten Steel portable knockdown fire basket. The parts are flatpack comfortable to carry are easily assembled; “no screw – no glue” principle. After using you can disassemble and hang it on the wall as your Sacred Fire Object.

Lasercutted Corten Steel (3mm & 5mm)
Woods44 • long legs model • dimensions 70 x 70 x 90cm
Woods22 • short legsmodel • dimensions 70 x 70 x 90cm

• The shape and movement of a spider creating and maintaining the beauty of nature
• The bohemian possibility to take your fire on every journey
• The Mythology of Ancient storytelling, signs & symbols
David Lynch “Fire Walk With Me”