Fits is a modern French restaurant located three minutes away from Ginza station in Tokyo.

The target customer is a 50-year-old man running a consulting company in Tokyo. The restaurant is not fixed to a specific style or genre, and instead, it offers the mixture of different kinds of cuisine and culture around the world based on modern French cuisine. This openness and flexibility allow the restaurant to “fit” customers’ all kinds of needs and wants. The customers can enjoy wines from all over the world depending on their purposes and the season, along with the unique dishes created by chef Sumi, who has the experience of serving for El Bulli.

The main wall inside the restaurant is made from rammed earth, which is often used for houses in the rural areas of Lyon in France. The stones shaped as rice grain are decorated onto the mud wall, and thus, the unique and symbolic wall was created.

As for lighting, the pendant lights randomly hanging from the high sailing add elegance to the space.

Fits fits customers’ requests and brightens their daily lives in Ginza, which is a city recognized as the most prestigious city in Japan. We hope the restaurant provide customers an amazing encounter with inspiring cuisine and culture.