floating concrete islands
it's home at any place
it's stabile
the designer

The concept and prototype of the floating concrete island product family was a design graduation project in 2012.

Not only the idea, but the shapes and the technology of production are unique as well. Both a concrete technologist and ship design engineer assisted during the design process. The project was promoted with materials and professional consultation by MC – Bauchemie.

The island serves as a seating on water. It can also be used as a relaxing point at different swimming contests or a wakeboard course. It is sticked to a concrete block under the water. The length of the rope has to be adjusted to the soundings and the possible latitude of the island. Thanks to the appropriate weight distribution the object is extra stabile. It can not slue round or crash over. The object is able to pick up water in its outer surface so the water is constantly cooling it while usage. The climate around Floaty is good, so it is an ideal beach appliace. No byproducts during production, production waste is going to be recycled. The applied concrete has no effect on nature. No harmful materials get loose into the water. The smaller objects can be located into garden lakes. Thanks to the excellent MC-Bauchemie concrete, Floaty is extremely long-wearing and permament.