Flos D'E-light (black vs chrome)
Flos D'E-light table lamp 1
Flos D'E-light table lamp 2
Flos D'E-light table lamp 3
Flos D'E-light table lamp 4
Flos D'E-light table lamp 5

The Flos D’E-light is an elegant design table lamp designed by the renowned Philippe Starck. It is not only a source of light, it is a source of power for an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod as well. These three Apple devices can easily be mounted on top of the lamp since it is equipped with an Apple docking station.

There already existed a D’E-light in chrome finish but today the Flos D’E-light is available in matt black finish as well. This special black version is now exclusively available at dmLights.com.

The light of the D’E-light comes from a specially designed Light Guide which provides an optimally oriented light flow which delivers unmatched lighting performance. The D’E-light makes use of an ultra energy efficient LED light source. No less than 98% of the consumed electricity is converted into lighting.

Philippe Starck himself gives explanation about the Flos D’E-light in the attached video.