Arya here, reaching out from agency unknownlab with fantastic news out of FLOS headquarters in New York. I hope you’re having a great week 🙂

FLOS presents the highly-anticipated North American debut of two of its latest collaborations with iconic designer Michael Anastassiades: the IC LIGHTS and the STRING LIGHTS, winner of the prestigious EDIDA 2014 award in the lighting category.

The STRING LIGHTS are inspired by hanging street lights in classic town squares. FLOS sees self expression as a key ingredient in the future of consumer lighting, so the open-ended design enables the end user to apply the cord as an active feature of the lights’ presentation, elevating it beyond its simple utility as a power cable.

The IC LIGHTS are inspired by the awkwardly positioned spinning spheres of contact jugglers, a breathtaking blend of form and function, the modern shape creating a uniquely expressive structure that amplifies a room with its aesthetic, versatility and perceived tension.

Third-party retailers are currently placing orders for both designs, and we encourage you to contact your local distributor for exact dates of availability in your area. You’ll find more information below.


Considering your audience knows FLOS as a timeless and iconic brand, this falls right in line with their interests. If you have any questions or need high-res images, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to speaking soon!

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