Follow Me - a light project by Philipp Wand
Various lighting situations
bottom view
top view
controll gestures
first sketch
signal processing
light source specifications
Follow Me at the Light and Building DesignPlus Award exhibition in Frankfurt (2012)

The Project “Follow Me” focuses on new possibilities for perceiving and interacting with light by means of contact-free gesture recognition.
The familiar archetypes of desk and floor lamps, which are commonly adjusted by hand, are replaced by an electromechanical spot in the ceiling, that can be adjusted by a motion tracking system.

The design-focus shifts from the physical form of the lamp, to the sometimes forgotten, intangible essence of every lamp, the appearance of the light.
The inevitable visual competition between the physical form of the lamp and the light itself is remedied by separation of the light-source from the field of action.
Consequently the light itself, or the illuminated object becomes the center of interest. The spotlight creates a defined, but elusive, space and focuses the gaze.

The interaction with the spot – the alignment of the light – can be easily accomplished by means of contact-free gesture control. Key gestures are recorded by an infrared camera mounted next to the spot. The camera is able to capture a three dimensional image of the scene even in total darkness.

Using a set of simple gestures, the light can be dimmed, focused, and moved to the desired point, without touching anything. No remote control, or any other kind of feedback device, comes between the user and the experience of the light. In this way the interaction with the light becomes an almost magical experience. The highly technical device is hidden from view and leads to a sensual experience of directing the intangible light.

“Follow Me“ was awarded DesignPlus by the German Design Council.