Birdie Floor Lamp is stylish and seamless in structure. It can be used in many applications and can easily complement any of your existing furniture. This Foscarini Birdie lamp is available in both the floor lamp and table lamp versions.

The Birdie Floor Lamp by Foscarini provides a good source of light that generates light both upwards and downwards which make it a good reading lamp.

The Birdie Floor Lamp comes in white, red, orange or grey finish. Depending on its color, the Birdie Floor Lamp offers different styles and personalities. In white, it can bee discreet and almost invisible, but in orange, red or grey, it can be the Prima Donna and the center of attraction in any room. Modern with a classic touch, the Foscarini Birdie Floor Lamp is made with sturdy yet light-weight materials, always monochromatic from lampshade to the base.