Front view of the furniture.
Front view of the furniture.
Side view of the furniture.
Axonometric view.

We know for a fact that the use of buildings is subject to change. Their function is seldom kept as is. How can we qualify a place? Is furniture an architectural object? What are the differences between design and architecture? What are the political implications of such a differentiation? This furniture project sets spontaneous space occupation as a goal.
We construct beams (H-profiles) out of OSB (Oriented Strand Board), which we then assemble with simple boards, made from the same material. The price of the material used in these items is competitive with low-cost furniture. To achieve this, the principle is one of autoconstruction, or rather of autoprogettazione à la Enzo Mari. Cuts are straight, tools and methods are rudimentary. Blueprints will be freely available. The use of OSB allows for the form of each object to disappear behind the general texture, forbidding the item to exist as an icon.